Letter from the Editor, Charlene Stewart

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Northern Light, North Hennepin Community College’s student-run undergraduate research journal and the first of its kind in the nation. After working diligently over the past several months with our featured authors, staff, and faculty in selecting and editing six articles that resonate with our journal’s mission, we are proud to present this inaugural issue.

The six articles in this issue cover widely different topics and time periods, but they all share the common interest in making sense of the complexity of human experience in the world, in the U.S., and at NHCC. Anne Mielke offers an interesting look at whether William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him, and Camryn Monzo examines the bizarre and exotic text and images in the fifteenth-century “Voynich Manuscript.” Debbie Allyn’s paper on the Dakota uprising paints a picture of a time when Native Americans had no choice but to abandon their beloved and sacred Lake Minnetonka. Joshlynn Borreson’s article examines the complicated relationship between the feminism and antislavery movements in America, and credits those who not only believed in the ideas of gender and racial equality, but also acted upon their convictions so that women and African Americans today can enjoy the benefits of our democracy. More locally, Ryan Tate’s piece, examining politicians’ visits to NHCC, reveals the profound impact of politics on higher education in the past decades. Finally, Andrew Contreras’s article traces the ways in which NHCC has responded to the increasingly diverse community in which it is situated.

Our special feature focuses on the NHCC’s Biology Research team and its work on holy water wells in Ireland, as well as research opportunities for students on campus. Last but not least, our book reviews are a great point of reference for new works of research in circulation.

I invite you to explore our site, enjoy the articles, and share your journal experience with your peers. We are always looking for great research papers, and we encourage all NHCC students to submit their research papers. In addition, we welcome all your feedback on how we are doing with the journal.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Michael McGehee, the journal’s head faculty adviser. Under his vision, his high expectations, and his patient guidance, I am humbled that he has given me the opportunity to work with a team of highly motivated, dedicated, and independent staff, and the caring, brilliant, and inspiring faculty at NHCC. It is gratifying to have worked with such a great team, and to finally see its efforts come to fruition.

Kind Regards,
Charlene Stewart, aka “Chuckie”

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