Letter from the Editor, Spencer Tye


You’ve found yourself reading the Northern Light, the nation’s first and only completely student-ran undergraduate research journal at the community college level. We’re very proud of the collection of student research we’ve spent the last two semesters preparing.

Just as last year, we have student research published in the Social Sciences and Humanities, but also, for the first time, in the Natural Sciences. In addition, we have a book review from our very own Editorial Assistant, Katherine Laak.

Please read our articles, have a look around the site, and tell your friends about our journal. If you know a student who does exemplary research, encourage them to submit their work to our journal. If you have any feedback or corrections, feel free to let us know how we are doing.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I would like to thank everyone who worked with the journal. The work load required of the journal staff is often overwhelming, so I congratulate them on their perseverance to see it through to the end. Having, myself, submitted writing for publication over the past couple years, I understand how subjecting your personal work to the judging eyes of others can be scary, so I’d like to thank the authors for letting us read their work. The faculty who peer-reviewed research papers also deserve thanks. Much of their work came during the busiest parts of their semester. And lastly, our advisor, Michael McGehee, deserves a tremendous amount of thanks for his guidance, insight, and the motivation he provided for our staff this past year. Thank you, everyone.


Spencer Tye

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