Now Recruiting New Staff!

Northern Light is now recruiting staff for positions with the Spring 2017 issue. If you are interested in any of the staff positions, send an email to that includes a phone number, two different days and times that would work for an interview, job preference, your strongest subject in college, and a writing sample of a previous academic paper. (Note: the Layout Editor position does not require a writing sample.) All staff positions are worth at least 1 Honors Experience, though non-honors students are invited to apply as well.

We are still hiring for the following positions!

  • Content Editors – They play the biggest role in deciding which essays the journal accepts and rejects. At least one content editor covers each major subject area (natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities).
  • Copy Editors – They work with authors to ensure that each accepted essay is grammatical, correctly formatted, and clear.
  • Editorial Assistant – They provide support to the senior members of the team.
  • Special Feature Editor – this person will create a project that addresses some aspect of the craft of research.


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