What are the benefits of submitting my research paper for publication? If your paper is accepted, your publication credit will make you a more competitive transfer student, graduate or professional school applicant, and job candidate. Publishing your research also brings the rewards of advancing knowledge of your field, enlarging your research experience, and developing your writing skills through revision and proofreading.

What is the editorial board’s review process? In ordinary circumstances, submissions are first filtered and sorted by the editor-in-chief, who assigns them to the content editor in the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, or the Humanities. The content editor then meets with a Northern Light faculty adviser, and together they make a recommendation to the editor-in-chief on whether to publish the submission. If the submission is accepted for publication, the content editor sends it to the copy editor, who—in collaboration with the author—reviews the piece for correct grammar, clarity, and adherence to the appropriate style. The copy editor then forwards the final proof to the layout editor, who publishes the manuscript on the journal’s website.

What are an author’s responsibilities? If we accept a submission, we usually request that the author make a series of revisions and edits to the paper; we ask that the author respond promptly and thoroughly to our recommendations as we prepare the manuscript for publication. In return, we offer the author support throughout the publication process.

What kind of material is Northern Light looking for? The editorial board is looking for undergraduate research that is carefully conducted, properly documented, engagingly written, and thought provoking—in short, the best research papers being written at NHCC.

Do I need to have a certain number of sources in my paper? Though no set number of references is required, most papers that we accept cite 8 to 20 credible sources.

How many submissions can I submit at a time? We ask that you submit no more than three papers per publication cycle.

How long will my writing appear online? We will feature your writing on the website until the next issue is published, when your manuscript will be archived online.

Do I need to have taken certain classes to submit a manuscript to the journal? No. All you need is an outstanding research paper.

How can I join the staff at Northern LightIf you’re interested in working for the journal, visit our Staff Recruiting page. Typically, applicants are interviewed and hired in the fall semester, and most of the work occurs in the spring.

Are staff positions paid? No, but honors students who work for the journal receive credit for at least one Honors Experience.

Question still not answered? Email us.

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